Do you have a Community Bank Check Card in your Wallet?

How the Card Works
Use your Community Bank check card at any merchant who accepts Mastercard or at any ATM machine. Your purchase will come directly out of your Community Bank checking account. To record your purchase, use your copy of the signed receipt to record your purchase in your check register. All transactions will be detailed on your monthly statement with a description of the merchant’s name, location, amount of purchases and date of check card purchase.

Hassle-free Purchasing Power
Let us count the ways of convenience…

  1. Fast, easy and convenient!
  2. It works like a check…the money comes right out of your checking account.
  3. You can use it like an ATM card to receive cash from ATM machines.
  4. Accepted world wide, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
  5. Saves money on checks.
  6. Great for phone and Internet purchases.
  7. No finance charges unlike a credit card.
  8. You will enjoy detailed transaction descriptions recorded on your monthly checking account statements.

Getting a Community Bank Check Card is easy!
Click here to print and complete the application and drop it off at the Bank.

Report any unauthorized or fraudulent activity, lost, found or stolen cards immediately to: 800-554-8969.

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